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Week 13

posted 12/5

New office hours added for Wednesday (2:30 to 4:00).

posted 12/1

There is a new homework posted; it is due on Wednesday. There are regular office hours on Tuesday with extra ones added 3:30 to 4:30 on Monday.

There will be one more (short) homework available on Wednesday that will be due the following Monday.

We will have no more labs or exams.

Our final exam is the first Friday of exam period.


Week 12

posted 11/27

Okay! We are having a lab tonight, Monday night the 27th. See the assignments section below for the short manual. We'll be working with observations of WASP-50 (the HAT-P-30 data were too awful to use, though instructive when it comes to assessing low-quality observations including the usefulness of binning to increase the signal-to-noise ratio).

Also note very slight change to Tuesday's office hours., no new homework yet despite my earlier warnings!


Week 11

posted 11/23

There will (probably) be a lab the Monday night after Thanksgiving. Information to be posted soon. The data we took this past Monday night of HAT-P-30 b doesn't look great. The weather was not as good as was predicted, with some clouds right at the beginning of the observations as well as near the end. You can download the data [zip] and look at them, reduce them, and throw out bad frames. ...and then try doing the photometry on the host star. We may have to try again to observe a transit.

posted 11/20

Note the updated office hours posted – just on Tuesday, as it's Thanksgiving.

There will be a lab this Monday night. See the assignments section for information. And also note the new links on the right side of the front page (these are referenced in the lab 4 manual).

A small homework assignment will be posted by Monday and due the following Monday.


Week 10

posted 11/15

Note the updated office hours posted to the right (new 11/14).

There is a colloquium this Friday (environmental science).

There will be a lab next Monday night.


Week 9

posted 11/2

You should be working on your imaging lab projects as well as the homework that's due on Monday. Note that I'm having special office hours on Friday 11/3 from 2:30 to 5:00 and on Monday 11/6 from 3:00 to 4:30.


Week 8

posted 10/29

The midterm exam is at 8pm in SC 187 – our regular lab time and place. Information about the exam is posted on the old assignments page.

Aside from preparing for the exam, you should be working on your labs (due date late this week or early the following week); come to office hours or otherwise get in touch for help. There will be a lab meeting next Monday night, too (to start a new lab). It will last less than three hours.

There will be a new homework assignment soon – to go along with the reading and class-preparation assignments for this week. The homework will be due next week.

There is no colloquium this week. The next one is two weeks from this Friday.


Week 7

posted 10/19

This week will focus on the lab projects and reviewing for the midterm – which will be on Monday night, October 30, during our usual lab time. And we'll finish up the material from Ch. 14 and also look at the Sun, weather permitting.

We will have a lab meeting this Monday night, too. That will be an opportunity to work on/plan your observing project. The won't be any new lab work, but there will be a little reading from Ch. 6.

There is an astronomy colloquium this Friday – Prof. Andrea Lommen from Haverford will be talking about gravitational radiation. Please come, it should be interesting.


Week 6

posted 10/10

Due to the poor weather lately, some students will have to make their lab observations after break. We'll push back the due date for the lab write-ups.


Week 5

posted 10/3

The syllabus has been updated (see link in the right-hand column of the front page), with the key changes: our midterm is now scheduled for after fall break (Monday night, October 30, in the lab time slot); next week we'll discuss hydrostatic equilibrium, stellar atmospheres, and stellar spectral types and luminosity classes (Ch. 14); the third lab (currently) ongoing will have an associated meeting the Monday after break and it will be due that Wednesday.

There's an assignment for Thursday's class posted in the assignment section. And you should be forming groups and getting in touch with me about making some observations with the telescope.

posted 9/29

Week 5: We will not be having a regular lab meeting this Monday (nor next Monday), but you will be coming to the telescope in small groups, each once over the next two weeks, to set up observations of an object of your choosing. More information about that real soon. There is a colloquium on Friday. It's by an alum, Tim Cronin, who works on climate modeling and is now a professor at MIT. Note that there is also an assignment for Tuesday's class posted below (it includes submitting your answer to a small problem by Monday at 5pm) and there's an active homework assignment (due Wednesday, but with two small things for you to submit by email on Sunday and Monday nights). And there will soon be an assignment for Thursday's class. well as information about the telescope observing.


Week 4

posted 9/22

Week 4: No lab or colloquium this week. But more atomic physics and radiation in class on Tuesday and Thursday – reading and studying assignments for both Tuesday and Thursday are posted below. Note that you have something to submit by midnight on Monday (and bring to class with you on Tuesday).

There will be a new homework assignment available by Monday.


Week 3

posted 9/16

We have a lab on Monday night, with significant preparation required. And there is a colloquium this Friday at lunch, by Manjit Kaur, on the thermodynamics of plasma.


Week 2

posted 9/9

A reading assignment for Tuesday is posted below (note: there's a small problem to hand in at the beginning of class). And homework assignment 1 is due on Wednesday by 5pm. David has office hours on Tuesday afternoon but is happy to meet with you any other day and to answer questions by email, otherwise. There is no lab meeting this week.

posted 9/6

Please read the new class guidelines, posted on the right side of the front page.


Week 1

posted 9/1

Our lab night is now officially changed to Monday night for the entire semester. Our first lab meeting will be this coming Monday, September 4, at 8:00 pm in SC 187 (from there, we'll go up to the observatory, but we'll meet in 187 to begin). Information about that first lab will be posted below, in the Assignments section, soon.

There will also be a short reading assignment for you to complete before coming to class on Tuesday morning. That will also soon be posted below in the Assignments section.

posted 6/14

Our first class meeting will be on Tuesday, September 5 at 9:55 am. Expect to get a reading assignment (that may include a short worked problem or two) about a week before the first class meeting.


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