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Week 13

posted 11/25

No SA session this Sunday night. Office hours posted on the right side of this page.

We will have regular class meetings this week on Tuesday and Thursday at 9:55 and in addition, we will have a 75 minute class meeting on Tuesday night in our usual lab time-slot (8pm) to make up for the regularly scheduled class meeting on Tuesday, December 7, which is cancelled.

There will be one more homework assignment this semester, but it will be optional – in the sense that you will not hand it in and it will not be graded. It will cover the material since the midterm (Ch. 18 on). I will make my solutions available in a week, and you can check over your own work, but there's nothing for you to hand in. However, you will be expected to be able to do the homework problems and, as usual, to understand the material.

Week 12

posted 11/17

The second midterm is going to be on Tuesday night at 8pm in SC 187. There will be an SA session this Sunday night (L32, 7:30 pm).

Week 11

posted 11/17

The second midterm is going to be on Tuesday night at 8pm in SC 187. There will be an SA session this Sunday night (L32, 7:30 pm).

posted 11/13

There is an SA session tonight (Sunday, the 13th), with the homework due tomorrow.

No lab meeting this week.

On Friday at lunchtime is the faculty research presentation.

Week 10

posted 11/8

There will not be a midterm next Tuesday; rather it will be a week from next Tuesday – i.e. Tuesday, November 22, at 8pm.

posted 11/5

There will be no SA session on Sunday the 6th. But probably one on Sunday the 13th.

There is no lab meeting on Tuesday night. But there is a public open house that I'll be running from 8 to 9 pm. Update: open house is canceled due to anticipated bad weather.

The final colloquium of the semester is this Friday at 12:30 in SC 199. The topic is, again, biophysics.

Week 9

posted 10/30

There will be a short (7:30 to 8:30) SA session this Sunday night in L32.

We'll meet again this Tuesday night, to do part 2 of the lab.

There is a colloquium - on astrophysics - this Friday at 12:30 in SC 199. Actually, I am giving it. The title is: The Radiation-Driven Winds and X-ray Emission of Massive Stars.

Week 8

posted 10/23

Plan on a lab session this Tuesday night.

There is a colloquium - on biophysics - this Friday at 12:30 in SC 199.

Week 7

posted 10/18

No lab tonight (10/18), but keep next Tuesday night free for lab. I will give you some exoplanet data to work with later this week.

I'm extending the due date for Homework 5 to Monday at noon. There will be an SA session on Sunday night (10/23).

posted 10/12

No SA session this Sunday night (10/16). But possibly one later in the week.

There will be a homework assignment due on Friday and also some lab work with telescope data (but no in-person lab meeting on Tuesday night); however, there will be a help session on Tuesday night where you can come by and get help working with the data.

Week 6

posted 10/2

We will have an SA session this week – on Tuesday night from 8:30 to 9:30 in SC 187 (our lab room). This would be a great time to finish up the homework that's due on Thursday. Update: The SA session will be held in the regular SA room: L32.

posted 10/1

No talks, lab meetings, or exams this week. We may have some lab work for you to do on your own, and there will be a new homework assignment, and, of course, a reading assignment to prepare for Tuesday's (and then Thursday's) class.

There will be no SA session on Sunday night, but I'm looking into the possibility of scheduling one mid-week.

Week 5

posted 9/16

We are having another colloquium this week. This time it's on Friday at 12:30 in SC 199. Pizza will be provided. The talk is by Scott Franklin of Rochester Institute of Technology. And his talk is entitled, Sentiment Analysis of Student and Instructor Feedback: Gender Bias and Affective Patterns. Please try to attend the talk – I'm interested to hear your impressions of it.

SA session as usual, Sunday night, September, 25 at 7:30 in L32. It's a good opportunity to study for the exam. Note also my office hours, posted at the top right of this page.

Yes, we have our first midterm on Tuesday night (in SC 187 -- the lab room -- at 8PM). See the Assignments section for information about the exam.

Your Whirlpool Galaxy "write-up" is due (electronically) by midnight on Monday. But there is no homework, currently.

Week 4

posted 9/16

We are having our first department research colloquium this week. It's on Wednesday at 4:30 in SC 199. Snacks will be provided. The talk is by Prof. Keivan Stassun of Vanderbilt and Fisk Universities. And his talk is entitled, Singing Stars, Eclipsing Stars, and Other Worlds: Imminent Advances from the TESS and Gaia Missions. Please try to attend the talk – I think you'll find it interesting.

Week 3

posted 9/9

There is no lab meeting or work during week 3, but I will be running an open house at the observatory on Tuesday night at 9pm. Please come by if you'd like to look through the telescope; and encourage other people to come too.

Note the syllabus and class info documents posted a few days ago on the right side of this page. Take a look at the them when you have a chance, and let me know if you have any questions. And also note that my office hours for next week are posted.

Week 2

posted 9/6

Update: we'll have our lab meeting on Wednesday night at 8:00 pm. Let's meet in SC 187.

posted 9/3

We will have our first lab meeting this week (Tuesday night, but with Wednesday as a back-up). We will spend Tuesday's class discussing and expanding on the gravity and orbits material you read for last Thursday's class. So the only new reading is for the lab. All this is described in the Assignments section below.

Our first full homework assignment is out, and due on Tuesday at the beginning of class. Please note that the final two questions are designed to help you prepare for the discussion in class on Tuesday. We will have our first SA session this Sunday night from 7:30 to 10:00 pm in Science Center L32 (under the Commons, basically). At least two of our three SAs will be present for those entire two and a half hours. The SAs are Li Tian, Rhiannon Smith, and Nathaniel Peters.

Week 1

posted 7/26

Our first class meeting will be on Tuesday, August 30, in the seminar room in the Physics and Astronomy Department.

Our first lab meeting will be the following Tuesday, September 6, at 8 pm. We'll meet in SC 187 and then go up to the telescope. Update 8/24: We will try to have a lab meeting the second week of class, on September 6. So that you can have more interaction with the telescope controls during the first lab, I will split the class in half and some of you will use the telescope the next night, Wednesday, September 7. Update 8/28:Doing this is dependent on the weather and if it's quite cloudy, we'll have to postpone to the next week. We'll talk about this in class the first week.

I will be sending out a short assignment before the semester starts in order to get you prepared for our first class meeting. You'll get that about a week before classes start. Update 8/28: the assignment is posted in the Assignments section.


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