Astronomy 16 – Astrophysics: Stars, ISM, and Galaxies

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Week 2

posted 9/9

Our first lab meeting will be on Tuesday night at 8:00 pm in SC 187 (rain or shine). Information about the lab will be posted shortly.

Week 1

posted 9/4

There will be an SA session on Thursday night, probably 7:00 to 9:00, room to be announced. Other items on the schedule: new assignment for Thursday's class posted on the main page; small homework coming on Wednesday; first lab meeting next Tuesday. Information will be posted by Saturday. Note also, new regular office hours are posted on the right side of the main page.

posted 9/2

There is an assignment for the first class -- stuff you should do to begin learning and prepare to make the most out of class time on Tuesday -- posted on the old assignments page. Please get in touch directly with me if you have any questions. And also! I'm supplementing my usual office hours (see the information on the right side of the main page) with extra office hours on Monday -- 3:30 to 4:45. Stop by to introduce yourself, say hello, discuss the concepts you've been thinking about as you prepare for class and clear up any confusion you might have as you're doing that.

Also, we will not have a lab meeting this first week of the semester.


Week 0

posted 7/9

Our first class meeting will be on Tuesday, September 4 at 11:20 am, in the seminar room in the Physics and Astronomy Department, in the Science Center (room 113). Expect to get a reading assignment (that may include a short worked problem or two) about a week before the first class meeting.


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