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Week 13

posted 12/10

Our last class is on Tuesday!

There is a new homework assignment, with three relatively short problems, due on Friday.

Information about the final (Dec 20, in the morning) will be posted, shortly.

posted 12/4

Updated office hours for Wednesday -- they are now two sessions: 1:30 to 2:30 and 3:30 to 4:30. Also note that the homework is actually due on Sunday and there will be an extra SA session on Sunday from 3 to 5pm.

posted 11/30

We're leaving the solar neighborhood now, and zooming out the Galaxy...and beyond. You'll have a lab meeting on Tuesday night and we have a colloquium on Friday at lunchtime. And a homework will be posted over the weekend and due on Friday (we'll have an SA session on Thursday night, too).

Week 12

posted 11/23

We'll continue our study and discussion of post-main-sequence evolution in class on Tuesday. On Thursday, we'll have an in-class midterm (see information below, in the assignments section). Then we'll have a new homework assignment that will be due at the end of next week. Because of no current homework plus exam on Thursday, office hours will be rearranged for this week – see the right side of this page for details. There's also an updated version of the syllabus posted.

Week 11

posted 11/18

We will have a lab meeting on Tuesday night. Eric will contact you with information. We'll have a regular class on Tuesday, then lab that night, and then Thanksgiving break.

This week is short – Thanksgiving is happening at the end of it.

Week 10

posted 11/10

No lab or colloquium this week.

Week 9

posted 11/4

No colloquium this week; but a demo lunch on Friday sponsored by W+ in Physics and Astronomy. Regular office hours this week.

Homework and lab information will be posted here soon, and an updated syllabus will also be posted soon.

Week 8

posted 10/29

We'll be doing some observing for the next lab (on eclipsing binaries) this week. You'll sign up in groups to visit the observatory for about an hour to set up your observations. Everyone should sign up for a time to observe.

posted 10/26

Katie and Graham will run an extra SA session from 3 to 5pm on Sunday. And to give you a little extra time to finish up after that, I'm moving the time that HW#6 is due to 9pm.

Stay tuned about a possible lab meeting this Tuesday night or at least some lab work distributed throughout the week.

We have a physics colloquium this week – on Friday at lunchtime in SC 199. It's on the topic of geophysics, focusing on the forces and phenomena that shape the Earth's surface. Please come if you can; it should be interesting!

Week 7

posted 10/19

Plan on having a lab meeting this Tuesday night. The weather forecast looks promising. We do not yet have a lab manual/assignment, but we likely will spend Tuesday evening working hands-on with the telescope and then setting up to take some data that we'll work with later in the week and the following week.

We have a colloquium this week – on Thursday afternoon at 4:30 (in SC 181). It's by Swarthmore alum Anna Phillips (now at Tufts University) and the subject is physics education research and specifically, how problems are defined.

Week 6

posted 10/5

There is NO lab meeting this week (Phys 7 midterm instead!). And no colloquium either.

Week 5

posted 10/1

Exam this Tuesday night; no lab.

There is a colloquium on fluid dynamics this Friday at 12:30 in SC 199.

Week 4

posted 9/24

There is an updated version of the syllabus posted on the right side of the front page.

posted 9/23

Extra office hours are posted (and Friday's office hours are canceled for this week).

We will have our second lab this week. You'll be working with the raw Ring Nebula images, reducing them, aligning and adding them, colorizing them, and compositing them into a single, color image. We'll be using AIJ and I'll be having extra office hours at the beginning of the week for you to come in with your computer and get some practice with AIJ. Lab information will be posted, in the assignments section, shortly.

We will be having our first midterm, on the first four weeks of material on Tuesday night, October 2, in the usual lab time slot. Information will be posted in the next few days.

Week 3

posted 9/17

The first colloquium of the semester is this Friday at 12:30 in SC 199. Pizza will be provided! The talk is by our own Prof. Michael Brown, who'll be telling us about plasma physics experiments he and his group have been doing to study compression and turbulence in plasmas. This has applications for the Sun's corona, interstellar gas, and other astrophysical systems. Please come to the talk if you can. The talk title is "Turbulence and Compression Studies on the SSX Plasma Wind Tunnel."

posted 9/16

There is no lab meeting this week.

Week 2

posted 9/9

Our first lab meeting will be on Tuesday night at 8:00 pm in SC 187 (rain or shine). Information about the lab will be posted shortly.

Week 1

posted 9/4

There will be an SA session on Thursday night, probably 7:00 to 9:00, room to be announced. Other items on the schedule: new assignment for Thursday's class posted on the main page; small homework coming on Wednesday; first lab meeting next Tuesday. Information will be posted by Saturday. Note also, new regular office hours are posted on the right side of the main page.

posted 9/2

There is an assignment for the first class -- stuff you should do to begin learning and prepare to make the most out of class time on Tuesday -- posted on the old assignments page. Please get in touch directly with me if you have any questions. And also! I'm supplementing my usual office hours (see the information on the right side of the main page) with extra office hours on Monday -- 3:30 to 4:45. Stop by to introduce yourself, say hello, discuss the concepts you've been thinking about as you prepare for class and clear up any confusion you might have as you're doing that.

Also, we will not have a lab meeting this first week of the semester.


Week 0

posted 7/9

Our first class meeting will be on Tuesday, September 4 at 11:20 am, in the seminar room in the Physics and Astronomy Department, in the Science Center (room 113). Expect to get a reading assignment (that may include a short worked problem or two) about a week before the first class meeting.


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