Astronomy Resources


There are numerous resources on-line and in the library that can be very helpful for a research project, presentation, paper, etc. Meg Spencer's set up pages with information about how to find review articles and also about resources for specific subjects and classes (scroll to astronomy).

There are two astronomy encyclopedias in Cornell library. The two books are: "The Astronomy and Astrophysics Encyclodpedia" by Steve Maran (QB 14 .A873 1992 -- in house only, which probably means that it's in the reference section; ask the librarian); and "Encyclopedia of Astronomy and Astrophysics" by Paul Murdin (QB 14 .E53 2001). These are good starting points for a search for information about a specific subject. The entries are relatively short, but at a pretty high level, and they have bibliographies.

There are good review papers available in the Annual Reviews of Astronomy and Astrophysics (QB1 .A28 and also available on-line).

The astro-ph archive contains numerous preprints.

The ADS abstract service has abstracts of papers from numerous journals, conference proceedings, and books (and links to the actual artilces, in many cases).

SIMBAD allows you to search for information about specific astronomical objects. It also has links to on-line catalogs and other databases of astrophysical information (check out the links at the top of the simbad page.


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