Plot airmass

This form allows you to make a plot of airmass vs. time for a given astronomical target, by specifying either the coordinates, or an object name to be resolved by Simbad or NED.

Choose an observatory, or manual latitude/longitude entry:

Use UTC  /  Use observatory's local time.

Date for airmass plot (mm-dd-yyyy or 'today'):

Target name:  (Will be resolved by Simbad/NED if no coordinates given.)

RA (J2000): (hh:mm:ss or decimal hours)

Dec (J2000): (dd:mm:ss or decimal degrees)

Dark background
White background (better for printing)

Maximum airmass to show in airmass plots:  
(Current airmass value of 2.4 is elevation of 24.6 degrees.)

This page was created by Eric Jensen. This tool is part of the Tapir package for planning astronomical observations; the source code is freely available.

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