Make annotated finding charts

This form allows you to make annotated finding charts for a given astronomical target, by specifying either the coordinates, or an object name to be resolved by Simbad or NED. The finding charts use data from the Digitized Sky Survey, and they are annotated with the object coordinates, a 1-arcminute circle in the center for scale, and the object name if provided, as in this example.

Target name:  (Will be resolved by Simbad/NED if no coordinates given below. Otherwise, it is used as a label for the plot but not for coordinates.)

RA (J2000):
Dec (J2000):


Field width (arcmin):   Default: 40 arcmin. Max: 75 arcmin.
Field height (arcmin):   Default: same as width. Max: 75 arcmin.

Show outline of detector (with size specified below):
Show  /  Don't show

Detector width (arcmin):
Detector height (arcmin):   Default: same as width.

Dark background (black sky, white stars)
White background (white sky, black stars; better for printing)

The finding charts provided here make use of images from the Digitized Sky Survey, which are subject to the copyright in this copyright summary. Please consider acknowledging their use in your work.

This page was created by Eric Jensen. This tool is part of the Tapir package for planning astronomical observations; the source code is freely available.

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