Dupont Environment, July 2001


A photographic document of changes that have begun in Dupont

It started in the rugby field area. Here's what you see if you stand by the big cherry tree at the entrance of the rugby field parking lot and look over toward Dupont, and then progressively look farther and farther toward your left. By the fourth shot, the parking lot is just to the left of the field of view, and you're looking at where the upright on the far end of the pitch used to be.

1, 2, 3, 4.

Here are pictures of the interior of the building:

The lobby, as viewed from the doors leading to the hall of faculty offices. That's right...the couches would be in the middle of the picture if the lobby existed (the couches are now against the big windows in the hallway opposite my office, Frank's, and Michael's.

The hallway leading from the lobby to the classrooms. The old department office would be on the left side of this photo.

The departmental office has been moved to room 133. Maybe you've taken a class in here. Debbie's just to the left of this picture, and Amy's behind the Dilbert wall.

Now, walking out the front doors of the physics department (which you can't even do anymore; they're boarded up):

The breezeway (and the garden) has a big gash running through it.

Easy, Frank. Don't fall in.

Now, turning to your right.

And walking toward Kohlberg. Coming soon: the huge hole that lurks to the right, toward Cornel.

Finally, the biggest change of all. a bonus, here are two shots of hardworking astrophysicists in the lab:

Elliot and Allison and Carie, David, and Rachel.


David Cohen -
Last modified: July 30, 2001