ETSU Hot Stars and Disks Meeting

Johnson City, Tennessee - July 7-10, 2004

seven of us drove in a van: 560 miles in ten hours

group at a reststop

Rivi came all the way from Germany.
Marc and Mary represented West Chester University.
Tom is the newest member of the research team.
We stopped in Harrisonburg, Virginia for lunch.
As we drove deeper into the South, the gas stations looked less and less familiar.

eventually we did arrive at the meeting

rich at focus session

The hotel wasn't too bad.
I was reunited with my old grad school office mate Rico Ignace (here with his wife, Theresa) and with our old advisor Joe Cassinelli.
Stan had some intense science discussions, here with Doug Geis.
We tried to look serious for a moment.
Margaret Hanson and I organized a focus session on diagnostics. We had three guest speakers: Rich Townsend, Karen Bjorkman, and Marc Gagne.

we had some fun too

Pal's drive-through hot dogs

Dinner the first night was at Pal's drive-through hot dog palace.
We didn't have a car, so... we walked through.
We used the parking lot as our picnic area.
Going out to dinner: Myron and Stan.
Every non-science and non-food moment was filled with bridge playing: Ken Gayley and Marc are quite expert, while Asif is just learning.