in Paris for IAU 272: Active OB Stars

July 2010

This was a meeting on massive stars, with about 175 people in attendance. I gave a talk on X-rays.

Rich fallafel
As soon as we arrived, we were off to L'as du Fallafel.
Dinner at Les Philosophes: Alex; Stan & Nathan; Claudia & Rivi; Rich & Marc.

Alex Stan and Nathan Claudia and Rivi

Rich and Marc
Late night...looking jet-lagged with Joachim; and settling the bill.

Joachim & David settling the bill

First day of the meeting

venue entrance
Entrance to the meeting venue.
Marc & Joachim Stan & Gerry
Marc and Joachim discuss O star parameters in Carina. On the right, Stan and Gerry.
Ginny & Nick Stan
We had lunch at a nice cafe around the corner from the meeting. That's Ginny and Nick on the left.

Reception at the Paris Observatory

front of the observatory
This is the front entrance of the observatory, which is a beautiful building, built in the 17th Century. The MiMeS meeting was held here in 2009.
view from reception Rich Veronique
Champagne at the reception; Montmartre in the distance, out the window (left).

We were allowed up onto the roof of the observatory.

observatory roof 1 observatory roof 2 observatory roof 3 observatory roof 4
observatory roof 5 observatory roof 6 observatory roof 7 observatory roof 8

And after the reception, an intrepid group walked all the way back to the meeting neighborhood, making a couple of stops along the way:

first stop
First stop: Nathan, Alceste, Chris, & Jorick.
green light 1 green light 2 green light 3
Waiting to cross the street.
Seine Notre Dame
Crossing the Seine at night.
Rich & Nathan Les Phil gang
Second stop: Rich & Nathan; Jorick, Selma, Chris, & Stan.

Talks on the second day of the meeting

Alex's talk 1 Alex's talk 2 Alex's talk 3
Alex reviews structure in O star winds.
Veronique's talk Gregg's talk Mary's talk
Veronique, Gregg, & Mary.
Rich's talk Rivi's talk Rivi's questions
Rich & Rivi.
Gloria & Joachim
Gloria & Joachim.
Gregg & Rivi
Gregg & Rivi.
Rich Rich & Marc
Rich & Marc.

The banquet

banquet table Alex & Rachael
That's Alex & Rachael on the right.


Les Phil again


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