Foz do Iguacu, Brazil for an astronomy meeting

February-March 2012

The Circumstellar Dynamics at High Resolution meeting, at the Rafain Palace Hotel in Foz do Iguacu.

meeting poster
The meeting poster.
Jon, Gregg, Vero
We visited a bird sanctuary on Sunday, before the start of the meeting.

flamingos 1 flamingos 2
The toucans seemed to have a lot of personality.

toucan 1

toucan 2
butterflies bamboo
Butterflies and lots of bamboo, in the Brazilian green and yellow colors.

My friend Lucas Ellerbroek seems to be a real photographer, and took some excellent photos at the bird sanctuary.

cocktail party 5 cocktail party 3
On Sunday night, there was a cocktail party on the hotel grounds.
talk room lobby view coffee posters
The meeting was on the top floor of the hotel.
Alex and Rivi Asif
Alex and Rivi opened up the meeting on Monday morning. Asif was the first member of our group to give a talk.
Foz street hotel bar
A typical street in the city of Foz do Iguacu. Contrast with the bar in our hotel's lobby.
hotel room view 1 hotel room view 2
I shared a room with Rich. These were the views out our window.
group photo at the falls
On Tuesday, we had an outing to the Brazil side of the Iguacu Falls.
falls 4 falls 5 falls 8
As we approached the top of the falls.
falls 9 falls 10 falls resting
Once we got to the top, we needed a long rest.

I took a movie, while out on the platform in the middle of the falls. Make sure you have the sound up.

And once again, Lucas's photos are amazing.

Stan's talk Jon's talk
Stan's talk and Jon's talk were on Wednesday. They were both doing something with their hands. I think it had to do with circumstellar dynamics.
Argentina falls 3 Argentina falls 4 Argentina falls 5
On Thursday, we visited the other side of the falls, in Argentina.

There, we could get incredibly close to the falls. Check out the movie.

quati Vero Butterfly
There was all sorts of wildlife at the falls.
Vero camera Vero and Evelyne
Véronique with Gregg and Evelyne.
Jon, Stan, and Lucas science pool
Jon, Stan, and Lucas coming home from the falls. And one last night at the Science Pool.


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