10/18 (first day back from Fall break)

  • Complete, detailed draft of outline due.
  • First draft of abstract due. Feedback from Advisor by 10/25.


  • First draft of introduction due.
  • Revised outline due.

Week of 11/15

  • Thesis talk. ~20 minute status report/physics talk for faculty and interested students.


  • Final outline due.
  • Revised introduction due.
  • Draft of ~20 additional pages (beyond intro) due. Figures and tables count to page total if directly relevant to new text.
  • Feedback from advisor and assigned assigned faculty reader by end of finals.


  • First complete draft due to advisor and assigned reader. Must address all points of outline, and include all figures and tables in some form.
  • Reader and advisor provide written comments (and box of chocolates) by 2/14.


  • Final thesis due. Theses are bound and mailed to examiners.