Ne IX 13.4473, 13.5523, 13.6990 Angstroms

summary of the data

Note: We fit both the MEG and HEG data. The signal to noise is very good, but the three Ne IX lines suffer from significant blending with numerous iron lines (primarily Fe XIX). The relative strengths of these lines and the blended Ne IX lines cannot be reliably modeled, and so we conclude that we cannot reliably extract information from the helium-like neon complex.

View the spectral region near the line (in the MEG), where the three Ne IX lines are indicated by vertical orange lines and the Fe lines contaminating these data are indicated by black line segments, whose lengths are proportional to their emissivities.

Ne IX 13.4473: large chunk of spectrum with Fe (XIX) lines indicated

Note that the forbidden line (at 13.699 A) is completely supressed by the strong UV field. The signal in this region of the spectrum is due to the contaminating iron lines, which therefore indicates that the higher emissivity iron lines located between the resonance and intercombination lines are strongly affecting the data fitting.


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last modified: 15 October 2008