Ne X 10.239 Angstroms

Non-porous models

Note: Both MEG and HEG are being fit simultaneously. Emma Wollman did the model fitting. See the fitting log.

Continuum fit on 10.10:10.15 and 10.35:10.45. For n=2, best-fit norm=2.98e-3. The 90% confidence limits on the normalization are +/-0.2e-3. And the best fit is formally a good fit.

Ne X 10.239: non-porous MEG
Ne X 10.239: non-porous HEG
powerlaw continuum, n=2; norm=2.98e-3
taustar=1.95   +/- (1.08:2.23)
uo=0.99   +/- (0.683:0.99)
norm=2.99e-5 +/- (2.7e-5:3.3e-5)
rejection probability = 70% (C=282.58; N=244)

Here are the 68%, 90%, and 95% joint confidence limits on taustar and uo based on fitting the MEG and HEG data together. The asterisk represents the best-fit model, shown as the red histograms on the above two plots.

Ne X 10.239: joint uo taustar constraints using MEG+HEG data


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last modified: 20 July 2008