Ne X 9.7082 Angstroms

Non-porous models

Note: Both MEG and HEG are being fit simultaneously. See the fitting log.

Continuum fit on 9.50:9.60 and 9.78:9.93. For n=2, best-fit norm=2.16e-3. The 90% confidence limits on the normalization are +/-0.1-3. And the best fit is formally a good fit. ...Later, when looking at the line fit, the continuum/wings look high in the model.

Ne X 9.7082: non-porous MEG
Ne X 9.7082: non-porous HEG
powerlaw continuum, n=2; norm=2.16e-3
taustar=0.62   +/- (0.10:1.69)
uo=0.677   +/- (0.572:0.777)
norm=9.45e-6 +/- (8.e-6:1.1e-5)
rejection probability = 10% (C=195.79.58; N=212)

Here are the 68%, 90%, and 95% joint confidence limits on taustar and uo based on fitting the MEG and HEG data together. The asterisk represents the best-fit model, shown as the red histograms on the above two plots.

Ne X 9.7082: joint uo taustar constraints using MEG+HEG data


We were concerned about the continuum level, as the model seems to overpredict the flux levels on both line wings. So, we tried (arbitrarily) cutting the continuum level in half. The fit is worse, and the constraints on the relevant parameters aren't all that different. Well, the taustar values are skewed higher, but the 68% confidence range, especially when evaluated jointly with the confidence limits on uo, is very large.


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last modified: 27 September 2008