N VII 24.781 Angstroms

summary of the data

This N VII Lyman alpha line is blended with the 3 - 1 transition of He-like N VI ("helium beta"). It should be several tenths the strength of Lyman alpha, but knowing the exact ratio is impossible (we don't have enough information from other lines about the temperature/ionization distribution; we don't measure Lyman alpha in the MEG).

We show the fit assuming no blending below, mostly to illustrate the profile of this particular line in the data. It is broad. It turns out that uo is small even when blending is accounted for (up to a point).

We also have the full description of fitting non-porous and isoporous models.

N VII 24.781: non-porous MEG [24.58:24.98], λo = 24.781
powerlaw continuum, n=2; norm=2.13e-3
taustar=0.97   +/- (0.52:1.61)
uo=0.328   +/- (0.281:0.377)
norm=7.60e-4 +/- (7.12e-4:8.13e-4)
rejection probability = 74% (C=172.86; N=158)


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last modified: 5 July 2008