Revisions to Mdot: ε Ori

Assuming a smooth wind, the values of taustar obtained from fits to the observational data are about an order of magnitude smaller than the values of taustar calculated from literature mass-loss rates and opacities. The value of Mdot used to calculate the literature taustar values is 1.9e-6 Msun/yr.

If we vary Mdot but keep the literature values of the opacity, the best fit to the data yields mass-loss rate of 3.12e-7 Msun/yr (2.17:4.06) with a reduced chi squared of 1.235. The data is also consistent with a wavelength-independent taustar value of 0.040 (0.014:0.066) with a reduced chi squared of 2.002:

Revisions to hinf
If we assume that the literature mass-loss rate is correct, then we must find another explanation for low taustar values. One proposed solution is a porous wind. In this case, the opacity is dependent on the clump geometry and not on wavelength, so we'd expect to see taustar values that are constant across all lines. Here are the results of fixing taustar at the literature value and allowing the scale length hinf to vary.
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