Trends in R0: ε Ori

Values of R0 produced by fitting the smooth wind model to the data tend to be well constrained compared to taustar values. As can be seen from the list of u0 values for both smooth and porous models on ε Ori's page, adding porosity to the wind barely changes u0 or its confidence range at all. We can thus consider the results discussed here true for both smooth and porous models.

There appears to be a slight trend in R0 with wavelength. By fitting a line to the data, a constant R0 is ruled at at the 99% confidence level.
The best-fit line gives R0 = 0.0421 λ + 1.08 with a reduced χ2 value of 3.31. The best-fit constant R0 value is 1.62 with a reduced χ2 value of 6.25:

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