Astronomy 14 – Astrophysics: Solar System and Cosmology

Prof. David Cohen

Spring 2018
Tu., Th. 2:40 to 3:55
SC 102 (behind the coffee bar)


saturn blue and gold hubble deep field Comet 67P





posted 3/12

Enjoy your spring break. We will not be having a lab meeting the week after break (but will be having one the following week).

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posted 3/13

Homework 4 [pdf] is due on Friday, March 23 by noon.

posted 3/12

Read the assignment for Tuesday's class number 15 [pdf]. Note that we're calling this class 15 even though we didn't hold a class number 14.


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Upcoming Events

The department has regular talks – colloquia – given by visiting scientists. Check the department colloquium schedule to see the list of talks. You'll find titles and descriptions of the talks, which are generally on Fridays at lunchtime. We will have quite a few this semester, though most of them will be on physics topics, rather than astronomy. Attending these talks is a great way to find out what's going on today at the cutting edge of science and also how scientists go about defining a research question and then answering it.


Class Information

Prof. Cohen's office hours will generally be: Monday 3:00 to 4:30, Wednesday 3:00 to 4:30 and Thursday 4:00 to 5:00; weekly deviations from this schedule will be posted here

Prof. Cohen's office is SC 125 and his lab is SC 124, right across the hall; Ms. Klassen's office is one floor below, in SC L36

A syllabus [pdf] with information about the class as well as a schedule of topics, reading, labs, and exams (updated 1/18) is available – note that it will be periodically updated

Please also read these guidelines about the class [pdf], including rules for the classroom but also information about the growth mindset and about equity and inclusion


Astronomy Picture of the Day

using your hands to measure angles


gravity simulator

Planet Crash

a Java-free orbit simulator

observatory website

department website



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