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In spring 2015, I am teaching Astro 61: Current Problems
in Astronomy & Astrophysics
and my seminar, Astro 125: Stars
in the Interstellar Medium
. I am also teaching the Phys 17 lab and
supervising student research with the telescope. In the fall
I'll be teaching Astro 16: Modern Astrophysics. Information
about astronomy and physics course offerings is available on the
department website or in greater detail in the course catalog.

My primary research interests (see links below) involve the interaction of matter with intense radiation fields, both in cosmic and laboratory settings. Areas I work in include radiation-driven stellar winds — material pushed off the surfaces of stars by starlight — stellar x-ray emission, and x-ray heated plasmas, including fusion plasmas. I study all of these using spectroscopy and numerical modeling.




Hot Star Winds


X-ray Astronomy


Laboratory Astrophysics


Inertial Confinement Fusion



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