Aladin Lite finding charts

This form allows you to use Aladin Lite to explore a given astronomical target, by specifying either the coordinates, or an object name to be resolved.

Target name:  (Will be resolved on entry by Sesame.)

Dec (decimal degrees or dd:mm:ss, J2000):


For TESS targets, enter the target magnitude (if known) and depth of transit to show stars that could blend in TESS images to mimic the on-source transit:
If the target T magnitude is not provided it will be determined from the TIC if the input source has a TIC number, but the depth field is required for this (optional) feature to work.

This page was created by Eric Jensen. This tool is part of the Tapir package for planning astronomical observations; the source code is freely available. You can also make airmass plots, or plan transiting exoplanet observations.

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