Aladin Lite finding charts

This form allows you to use Aladin Lite to explore a given astronomical target, by specifying either the coordinates, or an object name to be resolved.

Target name:  (Will be resolved on entry by Sesame.)

Dec (decimal degrees or dd:mm:ss, J2000):


For TESS targets, enter the target magnitude (if known) and depth of transit to show stars that could blend in TESS images to mimic the on-source transit:
If the target T magnitude is not provided it will be determined from the TIC if the input source has a TIC number, but the depth field is required for this (optional) feature to work.

 Show detector outline on finding chart
Width: '   Height: '   PA: °

This page was created by Eric Jensen. This tool is part of the Tapir package for planning astronomical observations; the source code is freely available. You can also make airmass plots, or plan transiting exoplanet observations.

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