2004 and earlier

Anna wrote up an interview with Ira...it seemed to focus on memories of boats

Anna: Boats
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David's friend Hansjakob with Miranda

and his new snakey Swatch

David went to an astronomy meeting in Tennessee with some friends

roadtrip to New York for another reading

oyster trio

It was a rainy night in Brooklyn.
We ate at the Blue Star (but oh my, Stella Blue is a terrible song).
In addition to flash-fried dragonfish, I had three oysters.
Blue Star doesn't yet accept credit cards, so Val and I had to find an ATM.
Across the street, many people were waiting in line to see Fahrenheit 9-11.

No pictures of the reading, sorry. But on the way home, we visited Manitoga, the home of industrial designer Russel Wright - no relation to Frank Lloyd, but comparisons of his home, Dragon Rock, to Fallingwater, were unavoidable. Perhaps you'll recognize some of Russel Wright's designs.

oyster trio

The house is nestled into the woods, almost upon a waterfall, feeding an abandoned quarry.

The house isn't as showy as Fallingwater, but it's more organically part of the environment. However, the environment, apparently, was carefully restored and stage-managed, including the re-placement of boulders and the building of the waterfall. Very Japanese.

The interior echoes the exterior [1, 2].
The kitchen is low-ceilinged and dark, but very nice.
There were lots of nice plants, some of which matched my shoes.
Many of us have curly, brown hair.
Anna and Bess took a hike with their grandmother while we toured the house.
Afterward, we ate at a French restaurant in Cold Spring.

June 8, 2004: Some of us saw the transit of Venus

the girls both get short haircuts

Cousin It

Rachel's book party

Rachel's book party

Carl and Julian warmed up, before playing some jazz on the porch
Diana comes to the door dressed as the book
Marc and Eric
Beatriz and Steve
On the porch

Anna's dance recital, May 2004

No pictures indoors
Bess poses
A little sidewalk practice [1, 2, 3]
After the performance [1, 2, 3, 4]

Bess gets her hair cut


the Lance beard project

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the goat mission

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columnar fruit trees at Longwood Gardens

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Anna on her tenth birthday

Wearing the new visor her grandmother got her

Rachel's book came out in May

Information about This Side of Married

England, April 2004

Our photo diary

Donald Rumsfeld with his friend Saddam

This picture is for real.

linguistics research in Siberia

Greg Anderson and David Harrison with some Chulym speakers [1 2 3 4 5 ]

Brooklyn (and Manhattan), December 2003

Lisa and Doi: skyline 1 Lisa and Doi: skyline 2
Lance and the girls
Bess and Anna breaking for a snack

weird signs

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Oregon, November 2003

David outside of Greg and Mary's house [1 2]
Scenes from Greg and Mary's house [1 2 3 4 5]
Lichen growing on tree branches
Mary in her office
Greg and Mary in front of the state capitol
Scientists in a Chinese restaurant

squid packaging

squid packaging

where's my Bess?

Bess in a box