MiMeS2 Meeting in Paris

May 2009

Paris | The meeting


The first day

Asif CdG David CdG Mary Asif Rich and Rico CdG
We arrive at Charles de Gaulle Airport


espresso cups CdG shoes
There are stylish espresso cups and shoes at the airport


hotel hotel plaque
Our hotel -
Orange Car cemetery
and the neighborhood - including an orange sports car and a cemetery with lots of mausoleums and crypts


Metro Metro inside
The metro station (Raspail) near the hotel
Notre Dame 1
We check out Notre Dame
Notre Dame 2
Luxembourg faun
and the Luxembourg Gardens on our walk back to the hotel


The last day

goat van
Goat van!
Pompidou Rich & art
On the way to dinner...walking past the Pompidou Center
Cafe les Philosophes eating
Cafe les Philosophes - recommended by Eric; it did not disappoint
Rich blur bathroom floor
Rich was a blur of eating. The bathrooms were quite unusual - that's the floor on the right.
Rich beef duck
Rich had beef (rare, as requested); I had duck. This was roughly the fourth time that week I ate duck.

An after dinner stroll through the City:

night dogs
green tower
Ohhh, have to get up early in the morning...



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