MiMeS2 Meeting in Paris

MiMeS = Magnetism in Massive Stars
The second meeting of the collaboration was at the Paris Observatory.

May 2009

Paris | The meeting

The transit of Venus depicted on the ceiling of the meeting room.
audience nicole_talk
The group and then Nicole.
rich_talk_1 rich_talk_2
oleg_talk goetz_talk
Oleg; Goetz.
Asif Huib
Asif; Huib.
group_photo_1 group_photo_2
The group assembled for a photo.
Veronique veronique_rich
Veronique; Rich.
wednesday_lunch evelyne_gregg
Lunch; Evelyne and Gregg.
stefano_gregg garden
Sefano; Gregg.
dave_rich oleg_theresa
Dave, Rich; Oleg, Theresa.
etower_train meudon_entrance
On the way to the barbecue at the Meudon Observatory; that's the Eiffel Tower out the train window, on the left.

The barbecue began outdoors, but eventually we accepted reality and moved indoors.

cookout1 cookout2 cookout3 cookout4 cookout5 cookout6 cookout7 cookout8
cookout9 cookout11
That's the Eiffel Tower again there on the left, seen on our walk home from the Observatory.



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