Chester Children's Chorus:
Astronomy 2005

The Group

CCC summer 2005 science: group
Erik, J'Atienne, Demar, Jenny, Aliya, Meredith, Asr, Tray, David (missing: Kiara, Eric, Mary)

On July 28 we presented a poster on our work

You can download the poster as a jpeg or a PowerPoint presentation.

We made a scale model of the Solar System

making model solar system
Look at our photos and reports.

We observed the spectrum of light

Jenny's spectrum
Look at our sketches.


Astronomy Picture of the Day


Constellation photos.
Sky maps.
Search APOD for your favorite constellation.
Greek mythology and the constellations.
More contellation information.
Contellations from other cultures.

Light that we can't see

Beethoven's 9th and the spectrum.

The Sun

The Sun has spots.
The sunspots move as the Sun rotates.
Watch the Sun rotate in this movie.
Latest images of the Sun from the ground.
Early history of sunspot observing.
The latest images from the SOHO telescope.
Good page of basic information about the Sun from the SOHO people.
Search Astronomy Picture of the Day for "sun".
Or for "sunspot".