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Students at the 2006 AAS meeting in Washington, DC.

Research projects available for students in 2005.

Victoria and Nate both presented posters at the Sigma Xi student research poster session at Swarthmore in September, 2004.

Victoria's poster was on the young star, DoAr 21, and its X-ray emission [pdf, PowerPoint].

Nate's poster was on his modeling of our neon gas cell experiments, and their relevance to X-ray observations of photoionized astrophysical plasmas [pdf, PowerPoint].

Genevieve has completed her honors thesis. Congratulations! You can also check out the two theses from our 2003 honors program graduates, Stephanie Tonnesen and Roban Kramer.

Four students gave poster presentations at the AAS meeting in Seattle in January 2003. You can get copies of their posters on our group's presentations page.

The Sigma Xi meeting in Galveston, TX

Kate Penrose and Dave Conners presented a poster: Radiation, Hydrodynamics, and Spectral Modeling of Indirect-Drive Fusion Experiments on the OMEGA Laser [download - powerpoint, gif, or jpeg].

As part of this project, they have made a time-dependent simulation of the radiation field inside a laser hohlraum.

They were awarded second prize for student posters in the physics and astronomy category.

Roban and Stephanie gave a poster presentation on their line-profile modeling work at the High Temperature Plasma Diagnostics meeting in Madison this summer. You can download their poster from our presentations page.

Roban, Genevieve, and Elliot (and Rabi) attended the AAS meeting in Washington, DC in early January with David and Eric.

Several students gave presentations at the Keck Student Symposium at Williams College in November 2001.

    Carie Cardamone talked about X-ray line profile analysis (see her talk in ppt or html format, and her paper).

    Genevieve de Messieres gave a poster on X-ray line ratio diagnostics, as applied to Chandra spectra of the hot star tau Scorpii. Here's a copy of her presentation and her paper.

    Roban Kramer talked about polarization observations he made during the total solar eclipse in Zambia, June 2001. Here's a copy of his talk and his paper.

    Joanna Brown talked about her modeling of molecule formation in the wind of a carbon star; a project she worked on last summer in Manchester with Tom Millar. Here's a copy of her talk (ppt or html) and paper.

Our inertial fusion group (Dave and Kate) co-authored a presentation given by Joe MacFarlane in Kyoto, Japan in September 2001. Here is the presentation, which focuses on modeling of our hohlraum experiments on the OMEGA laser.

    And as part of this project, they have also put together a movie of the pseudo-time-dependent radiation and thermal conditions inside the hohlraum on one of our laser shots.

There are work-related photos from Summer 2001 available here.

And here are two shots of hardworking astrophysics students in the lab:

Elliot and Allison and Carie, David, and Rachel.

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