Astronomy 123: Stellar Astrophysics

Spring 2017
Prof. David Cohen

Science Center 161
Mondays 1:15 AM - 4:15 PM



Orion belt HR diagram solar spectrum eta Car: HST





There is a colloquium this week – on Friday at 12:30 in SC 199 – by cosmologist Katie Mack from the University of Melbourne. It is entitled, "Dark Matter in the Cosmic Context."

Natasha is bringing snack next Monday.

We'll have an in-class midterm on the Monday after break (March 13). It will be closed book and you'll be able to bring a page (front and back) of hand-written notes.

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We will start chapter 4 this week – on stellar atmospheres. Our discussion in seminar will be based on assignment 6 [pdf].

Here are three readings from Ostlie and Carroll: (1) radiation pressure etc. [pdf], (2) random walk/diffusion [pdf], (3) mass-luminosity relationship [pdf]

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