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Week 9

We'll start on stellar interiors this week (first half of Ch. 5), but we'll start Monday's seminar with students presenting solutions to the left-over problems from this week. Please take a look at assignment 9 [pdf].

Week 8

We'll finish up stellar atmospheres this week, finishing up chapter 4, guided by this assignment [pdf]. (Update 3/19: now with fixed x-axis tickmark labels on graph that's part of Q10.)

Week 7

More information about the midterm [pdf] is available.

No assignment currently, except studying for the in-class midterm on Monday the 13th.

Week 6

We will start chapter 4 this week – on stellar atmospheres. Our discussion in seminar will be based on assignment 6 [pdf].

Here are three readings from Ostlie and Carroll: (1) radiation pressure etc. [pdf], (2) random walk/diffusion [pdf], (3) mass-luminosity relationship [pdf]

Week 5

We'll continue radiation transport this week, finishing up chapter 3, guided by this assignment [pdf].

Week 4

This week we're starting radiation transport (Ch. 3). There is (now) a complete assignment 4 [pdf] for you. Note: clarification/new wording for part of Q1; a second, computational, part to that problem (Q1b); in Q3 I corrected the partition function value for H-; And in Q6 I note a typo in the book. I've also designated questions 4 and 5 as the warmup questions for this week. Plus, I ask you to read section 11 of Ch. 3.

Each student should sign up for one presentation

Week 3

This week it's star formation (Ch. 2). See assignment 3 [pdf].

Each student should sign up for one presentation

Week 2

For our next seminar meeting we'll be finishing up Ch. 1 based on this assignment [pdf].

Look at these stellar spectral sequence resources: RIT notes and the spectral sequences for problems Q7 and Q8.

Week 1

update 1/18: Read this very short bit about human color vision [pdf] – sec. 7.6 from Color and Light in Nature. Note especially the color response of your cones and how much it looks like the filter transmission curves in Fig. 1.3 of LeBlanc.

Our first seminar meeting – and first seminar assignment [pdf] – will focus on the first half of Ch. 1 of LeBlanc. Note that the assignment includes a few pre-seminar "warm-up" problems as well as problems you'll present in our seminar meeting. The assignment also includes questions you'll think about ahead of time and makes some notes about and discuss in seminar but not hand anything in for.

The short reading from Ostlie and Carroll is available here as a pdf. As is problem 3.9 [pdf] from that textbook.

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