Astronomy 123: Stellar Astrophysics

Spring 2017
Prof. David Cohen

Seminar Room: Science Center 113
Mondays 1:15 AM - 4:15 PM



Orion belt HR diagram solar spectrum eta Car: HST





Our first class meeting will be the second Monday of the semester – January 23rd at 1:15 pm.

There is an assignment, below, with a few warm-up problems due on Friday the 20th.

David will be in his office the first half of Tuesday afternoon, and most all of Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday afternoons. Come by and discuss the material, the problems, and your Planck function code.


Our first seminar meeting – and first seminar assignment [pdf] – will focus on the first half of Ch. 1 of LeBlanc. Note that the assignment includes a few pre-seminar "warm-up" problems as well as problems you'll present in our seminar meeting. The assignment also includes questions you'll think about ahead of time and makes some notes about and discuss in seminar but not hand anything in for.

The short reading from Ostlie and Carroll is available here as a pdf. As is problem 3.9 [pdf] from that textbook.


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