Astronomy 16 – Astrophysics: Stars, ISM, and Galaxies

Prof. David Cohen

Fall 2018
Tu., Th. 11:20 to 12:35
SC 113 (seminar room)


spectral types M 43 Andromeda





posted 7/9

Our first class meeting will be on Tuesday, September 4 at 11:20 am, in the seminar room in the Physics and Astronomy Department, in the Science Center (room 113). Expect to get a reading assignment (that may include a short worked problem or two) about a week before the first class meeting.


posted 7/9

Look over these images and movies of last summer's solar eclipse and think about this: When we say the Moon and Sun appear to be the same size, what is it, exactly, that's the same about their sizes? Certainly not their diameters or radii in meters.

nashville eclipse montage
credit: Richard Sparkman

Upcoming Events

What's up in the sky this week - the sky is always changing: keep an eye on the bright objects that are up in the sky each night.

The department has regular talks – colloquia – given by visiting scientists. Check the department colloquium schedule to see the list of talks. You'll find titles and descriptions of the talks, which are generally on Fridays at lunchtime. We will have four or five this semester, with at least one on astrophysics.


Class Information

Prof. Cohen's office hours will generally be: Tuesday and Thursday from 1:30 to 3:00 and Wednesday from 3:00 to 4:30; weekly deviations from this schedule will be posted here.

Prof. Cohen's office is SC 125 and his lab is SC 124, right across the hall; Prof. Jensen's office is next door, in SC 123. Prof. Jensen is the lab instructor; we'll be having lab meetings on (some) Tuesday nights throughout the semester.

A syllabus [pdf] with information about the class as well as a schedule of topics, reading, labs, and exams is available – note that it will be periodically updated.

Please also read these guidelines about the class [pdf], including rules for the classroom but also information about the growth mindset and about equity and inclusion


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