Astronomy 16: Modern Astrophysics

Prof. David Cohen

Fall 2016
Tu., Th. 9:55 to 11:10
SC 113 (seminar room)


Eagle Nebula Sun in Halpha M 43 Andromeda





posted 9/16

We are having another colloquium this week. This time it's on Friday at 12:30 in SC 199. Pizza will be provided. The talk is by Scott Franklin of Rochester Institute of Technology. And his talk is entitled, Sentiment Analysis of Student and Instructor Feedback: Gender Bias and Affective Patterns. Please try to attend the talk – I'm interested to hear your impressions of it.

SA session as usual, Sunday night, September, 25 at 7:30 in L32. It's a good opportunity to study for the exam. Note also my office hours, posted at the top right of this page.

Yes, we have our first midterm on Tuesday night (in SC 187 -- the lab room -- at 8PM). See the Assignments section for information about the exam.

Your Whirlpool Galaxy "write-up" is due (electronically) by midnight on Monday. But there is no homework, currently.

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posted 9/25

Your Whirlpool Galaxy images with images of each key step along the way, as described in the lab manual, are due on Monday by midnight. See the Archive of old assignments page linked at the bottom of this section for the original announcement and information with useful links. Also, take a look at the discussion forum I just set up on Moodle. I've posted some questions and answers about AIJ and the lab there. Please post any additional questions you have there (as well as emailing me). And I'll post my answers so everyone can see them.

Tuesday's class will start with a wrap-up of loose ends. Some of this might be relevant for your midterm studying! Then we'll begin our next section, on the Sun. Read this assignment for class 9 [pdf]. It's relatively short. The bulk of the material in Ch. 7 will be discussed on Thursday.

You can read guidelines for the first midterm [pdf].

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Upcoming Events

Astro 16 students are members of the Department of Physics and Astronomy, and are encouraged to participate in department activities beyond the classroom. This includes attending regular talks – colloquia given by visiting scientists. Check the department colloquium schedule to see if there's a talk this week. You'll find titles and descriptions of the talks, which are generally on Fridays at lunchtime.

You can also attend, and help out with, the monthly telescope open houses at the Peter van de Kamp Observatory, on the roof of the Science Center. This activity is optional. The next observatory open house is on Tuesday, October 11 at 9 pm.


Class Information

David's office hours the week of Sep 26 - 30:

Monday: 3:30 to 5:00  
Tuesday: 2:30 to 4:30  
Friday: 2:30 to 3:30  

David's office is SC 125 and his lab is SC 124, right across the hall.

A syllabus [pdf] (updated 9/6) is available
note that it will be periodically updated.

Read the course information document [pdf] (updated 9/6) for information about exams, homework lateness policy, grades, and accommodation.


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Planet Crash

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