Astronomy 16: Modern Astrophysics

Prof. David Cohen

Fall 2015
Tu., Th. 9:55 to 11:10
SC 113 (seminar room)


Eagle Nebula Pleiades M 43 Andromeda





posted 4/12

The class will meet Tue and Thu 9:55 to 11:10 in Fall 2015. We'll meet in the Physics and Astronomy seminar room (113). Our first class meeting will be on Tuesday, September 1.

We'll also have lab meetings on some Wednesday nights (8 pm to, sometimes, 11 pm).

The syllabus, posted to the right, is up-to-date for fall 2015. Get in touch with David if you have any questions about taking Astro 16.


posted 7/9

I sent an email encouraging everyone to look at the naked-eye-visible planets that are up in the sky now, and to follow the New Horizons approach to Pluto, producing unprecedentedly good images of this distant world [article | New Horizons website | animated gif of Pluto-Charon orbit].

posted 4/12

There will be two assignments prior to the start of classes. One will involve some naked-eye observations of the sky. I will be in touch with all registered students a week before the semester starts.

Upcoming Events

Astro 16 students are members of the Department of Physics and Astronomy, and are encouraged to participate in department activities beyond the classroom. This includes attending regular talks – colloquia given by visiting scientists – and attending, and helping out with, the monthly telescope open houses at the Peter van de Kamp Observatory, on the roof of the Science Center.

Check the department colloquium schedule.

The next observatory open house is on Tuesday, August 11 at 9 pm.


Class Information

A syllabus [pdf] (Updated 4/11) is available
note that it will be periodically updated


Astronomy Picture of the Day

Messier 42; with links to articles about each Messier object

New Horizons at Pluto

Stellarium software for making sky maps

what's up in the sky this week

gravity simulator

Planet Crash

using your hands to measure angles

sky and weather information

observatory website

department website



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