Astronomy 16: Modern Astrophysics

Prof. David Cohen

Fall 2014
Tu., Th. 9:55 to 11:10
SC 113 (seminar room)


Omega Cen Pleiades Arp 188 Eagle Nebula





posted 9/14

There's a very short reading assignment for this week, posted below. And slightly revised office hours for Tuesday, posted to the right.

Note: We will not be having class on Thursday, as I'll be out of town.

posted 9/11

Please email me your lab write-ups by Monday morning. Let me know if you've got any questions as you're finishing up. Note that I've posted a (new) version of the lab manual, below.

Archive of old announcements.


posted 9/14

Take a look at these reading guidelines for this week. There's some specific information about the Doppler shift in there, but otherwise, it's almost entirely review of last week's material. This week's light reading load should provide a great opportunity for you to make progress on the homework that's due on Wednesday!

posted 9/11

If you're still working on your lab write-up, you should consult this revised version of the lab manual I gave you on Wednesday night. It has some added information and explanation (e.g. how to find the file header information; what the three different kinds of calibration files are). You may want to consult the guide for reducing data and making composite color image [pdf or MS Word]

Our second homework is now available. Update 9/15: A revised version clarifies problem number 3. The homework is due Wednesday morning. There will be another SA session on Monday night, from 7:30 to 8:30 in SC 102.

Archive of old assignments.

Upcoming Events

Check the departmental colloquium schedule (the fall schedule is not yet posted). You should come to these talks. They are typically Friday at 12:30 in Rm. 199, and include pizza.

There are telescope public viewings the second Tuesday of each month, at the Peter van de Kamp Observatory on the roof of the Science Center. The next one is on October 14, at 8 PM. Though this is during fall break, if you're on campus, Astro 16 students are welcome to come and help out. It is also an excellent opportunity to show your friends the observatory and the view of astronomical objects through our telescope.


Class Information

Read the class announcement [pdf]

A syllabus [pdf] (Updated 9/11) is now available
note that it will be periodically updated

office hours for week 3


Astronomy Picture of the Day

Messier 42; with links to articles about each Messier object

Physical constants and astronomical constants from the appendix of our textbook

what's up in the sky this week

Stellarium software for making sky maps

using your hands to measure angles

sky and weather information

observatory website

department website



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