Astronomy 123: Stellar Astrophysics

Spring 2017
Prof. David Cohen

Science Center 161
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Our final exam will be in SC 181 on Thursday morning, May 4, starting at 9AM. Information about the exam is below, in the assignments section.

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Study for the final exam! It will be on Thursday morning. David will be in his lab much of Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Please get in touch via email with questions about the exam and schedule a meeting if you'd like to talk face-to-face. David will be in his lab specifically on Wednesday between noon and 1pm if you'd like to come by and ask questions then. But he'll be there many other times too.

The exam will be closed-book. You will be allowed to bring two pages (back and front) of hand-written notes to the final. You will hand those notes in with your final exam answers. You'll be provided with a sheet of constants and conversion factors and any relevant tables from the appendices of the textbook. Your notes should certainly include important equations, but also graphs, words, and perhaps reminders about solving specific (types of) problems like those you'd solved for the weekly assignments. You should bring a calculator and a writing implement, too.

The exam will be comprehensive (i.e. material from the entire semester will be covered) but will lean a bit toward the second half of the semester. However, of course the later material relies on the more basic material from earlier in the semester, so you shouldn't be surprised to see some questions about basic radiation transport, stellar properties, etc. from the first few weeks. As with the midterm, final exam problems will involve less computation and more interpretation than the typical weekly homework problems.

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