Astronomy 16 – Astrophysics: Stars, ISM, and Galaxies

Profs. David Cohen and Jesse Rivera

Fall 2019
Tu., Th. 11:20 to 12:35
SC 113 (seminar room)


spectral types M 43 Andromeda





Our first class meeting is Tuesday, September 3 at 11:20 in the seminar room, to the right of the stairs near the physics and astronomy department office.

We will primarily be using Moodle to communicate, but some basic class information and resources will be posted here too.

Class Information

Prof. Cohen's office is SC 124 and Prof. Rivera's is SC 125. We will have regular office hours, but they will occasionally have to be adjusted. We will let students know in class and via Moodle. But in general, at least one of us will have office hours most days.

Sky and Miriam, our SAs, will hold a weekly SA session on Sunday nights, from 7 to 9 pm, in the seminar room.

A syllabus [pdf] with information about the class as well as a schedule of topics, reading, labs, and exams is available – note that it will be periodically updated.

Please also read these guidelines about the class [pdf], including rules for the classroom but also information about the growth mindset and about equity and inclusion.



Astronomy Picture of the Day

Messier Monday blog


using your hands to measure angles


gravity simulator

a Java-free orbit simulator



observatory website

department website



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