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In spring 2023 I am teaching Astro 123 – Stellar Astrophysics
and also the lab component of Astro 14 – Astrophysics:
Solar System and Cosmology.



Information about astronomy and physics course offerings
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My primary research interests involve the radiation-driven winds of hot, massive stars and their X-ray emission, which I study mostly via spectroscopy and modeling. I'm also interested in magnetic massive stars and their plasma magnetospheres and I've done some work on X-ray emission from pre-main-sequence stars as well. I have a long-standing interest in exoplanets and have worked on transiting systems along with my colleague Eric Jensen and many students, using our 24-inch telescope at the Peter van de Kamp Observatory. In the past I've worked on fusion-related plasmas and laboratory astrophysics experiments and modeling.




Hot Star Winds


X-ray Astronomy


Laboratory Astrophysics


Inertial Confinement Fusion



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