Pictures, etc.

Utah: Great Salt Lake

jetty arrival walking to gslep gslep relaxing
red lake2 breaking it down Jetty moonlight
Camping and observing near Spiral Jetty.

Campus, April

office window

cherry on westdale

Little Serow

little serow 1 little serow 5
little serow 2 little serow 3
Lisa and I had the Golden Mermaid.

March, 2015

witch hazel dome opening
Witch hazel.
Nakashima at the List Gallery.

Donald Judd House at 101 Spring Street

Judd Flavin
Surreptitious photo of the Flavin bedroom on the top floor of 101 Spring Street. Great windows throughout:

Judd windows Judd windows 4

Bartram's Garden: the oldest ginkgo tree in North America

ginkgo july ginkgo November
In July and November.

Polly Apfelbaum at Tyler Contemporary

Polly Apfelbaum's For the Love of Gene Davis at Tyler Contemporary in July, 2014.

Visiting Daniel in Amherst

Robert Frost typewriter store
Old writers and old writing.

van de Kamp Observatory after a storm

PvdK storm

Munich for a BinaMicS meeting

Munich Binamics art

England to Turkey, May-June 2013

sissinghurst_tower_view stonehenge_shadows
With Linda and Ira to England.
A day in Amsterdam to wash my laundry.
nicollier bess_oldcity_church
To Rhodes, Greece for Massive Stars: from Alpha to Omega, with Bess arriving at the end of the week.
shouse6 blue_mosque_bess
And then on to Bodrum, Turkey and Istanbul.

Hamburg, visit to the Sternwarte

Hamburg Sternwarte sign


arr LAX Motherwell
traveling up the coast

Alpana Bawa and Dan Flavin

Alpana atelier 3 Flavin 2

Foz do Iguacu, Brazil

Foz do Iguacu flamingos
Circumstellar Dynamics at High Resolution in Foz do Iguacu.

February 2010: picking up my Brazilian visa in Manhattan

NYC reflection

Food and drink

Rachel and David grappa

Photos by Chris Taylor.

Old friends

pit1 pit2

Seattle for the AAS


In the Emerald City.


ziggy possum

Paris in July

paris observatory roof

IAU 272 symposium on active OB stars. Plus, duck and foie gras.



Trees on campus

Cherry tree

X-ray spectroscopy meeting in Utrecht, Holland

snake Dom tower

Went to a meeting here for a few days in March, 2010.

Gallery Day

El Anatsui 3



Polly Apfelbaum at the Locks Gallery

Apfelbaum times 9 Apfelbaum big flowers Apfelbaum circles

The prints in the exhibit are powerful - the cell phone camera doesn't do them justice. Here's a glimpse of the process.

Squid bait

Squid Bait

MiMeS2: Paris, May 2009

Paris Observatory ceiling

At the Paris Observatory for the Magnetism in Massive Stars meeting.

Anna's logo

Anna's logo

Anna made this logo for herself in her graphic design class. Can you see her initials in it? Update: Check out her couch drawing, too.

Bess and Lucas

Bess and Lucas

Spring trees

cherry early cherry late

A picture nearly every day.

Cool star, hot star


From the Monterey Aquarium, visited during the Atomic Processes in Plasmas meeting.

Okapi and Tapir

okapi and tapir

The London Zoo? Or Eric's office?



Thanksgiving, 2008. The Mayan ruins reminded me of this truck.

That One


At the beach

heron whale

Octopus cake


Baked by my friend Julie.


basketball blur

Travels 2007

New Animals

Kauai in December for IAU 250: Massive Stars as Cosmic Engines.

Germany in June and the Pacific Northwest in July.

New animals in the house

New Animals

Wearable computing?

Focus! Concentrate!

Neue Galerie

Art and food; what my father always liked.

World Cup 2006: Germany

World Cup World Cup
Si se puede! Ecuador in Germany.

Fabric animals

Telephone sheep, felted squid, plush hairy lobster.

Alexander Calder

Calder Bess's Pumas
I'm still getting used to the Calder in its new location. I like the way the orange-edged volleyball net frames it (you can zoom in on the photo).

Anna's new cell phone and Bess's new Pumas

Anna cooking phone Bess's Pumas

More cake!

tenure cake
A tenure cake, from Eric and Julie.

Some students

(and a mentor) at the American Astronomical Society meeting in Washington, January 2006

We have some new artwork from Barrie

elephant balls
Elephant Balls and Jellyfish.

My colleague and friend Eric and I...

cake1 cake2 the ever-popular artistic medium of the cake portrait. Larger versions [1 and 2]. (Credit to Blair Reaser and Jennifer Yee.) And while we're at it, how about my mother-in-law's name in lights?

I saw my old friend Keivan at the Keck Symposium in Middlebury

Eric, Keivan, and David
You can view a larger version.

we had black swallowtail butterflies in the garden

caterpillars in the garden
Then we noticed their caterpillars in the herb garden, on the parsley and on the rue. Do you have caterpillars you need to identify?

Telluric Sideboard from the defunct Nest

telluric sideboard 2 from Nest03
I like furniture made of metal. And live plants. [open | closed]

summer 2005: our trip to Los Angeles

outside my window, spring 2005

three colored trees

went to a presentation by the House Industries guy at DWR with Sara and Paul

the current state of the Swatch collection

our friend Michael McClatchy made us a concrete and metal coffee table

table and lily

They Might Be Giants played at Swarthmore

tmbg 1 tmbg 2
Camera batteries died after just two pictures, but these pictures do seem to capture the essence of the concert.

we went to see The Gates in Central Park

christo gates

David's folded paper and lights project

paperlights on the floor

we had some people over for New Years Eve

Michael was wearing his new outfit
Bess warming up with some Boggle
Rachel and Anna
We wrote down things that happened in each month of 2004

older stuff