at the mouth of the Columbia River

astoria_cabin3 astoria_cabin4 astoria_cabin5 astoria_cabin6 astoria_cabin1 astoria_cabin2
We stayed at a very nice friend's cabin (ambiguity? They're both nice!), outside Astoria, just a few misquito-infested steps through the woods to the Pacific.
astoria_beach1 astoria_beach2
The beach was expansive, with dark and fine sand. In places, the woods came right up to the ocean, but there were also grassy dunes.
We saw a bald eagle flying out of the Columbia river holding a fish as we pulled over to check out the elk jerky. Sorry, no picture of the eagle.
Astoria is a very river- and sea-oriented little city.
astoria_Anna_restaurant astoria_Bess_restaurant
Anna and Bess order lunch.
astoria_ftclatsop1 astoria_ftclatsop4
Fort Clatsop, where Lewis and Clark over-wintered after finally reaching the west coast. The ranger let Bess and Anna lower and fold the flag (it was closing time). The flag had 15 stars (Vermont and Kentucky, in case you were wondering), and also 15 stripes.
We walked down toward the landing that Lewis and Clark used to launch their canoes.
astoria_ftclatsop_Rachel_David1 astoria_ftclatsop_Rachel_David2
After Fort Clatsop, we stopped by the Astoria Column.
astoria_column4 astoria_column1
Views to the southwest (left), and to the northwest (right). The Pacific Ocean is on the horizeon beyond the bridge.
The Columbian Cafe served us some tasty duck.
astoria_sylvie_drawing2 astoria_sylvie_drawing1
Anna invented, and then perfected, her warthog cartooning style.


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