Mt. Hood

Mt. Hood is big.

mthood_walk2 mthood_walk1
Soon after arriving at The Timberline Lodge at 6000 ft - a little more than half-way to the summit - we went on a little walk.
mthood_anna_walk mthood_Bess_Rachel_walk
Anna and David stop to joke around while Rachel helps Bess get a rock out of her shoe.
mthood_walk3 mthood_Anna_David_walk
Then, we start to encouter snow. Including some pretty big mounds of (well-packed but melting) snow.
mthood_walk_paintbrush mthood_walk4
Flowery ground cover was ubiquitous: that's Indian Paintbrush on the left. At the treeline, whatever trees there are are pretty scraggly.
mthood_walk5 mthood_Rachel_walk
Looking down the mountain (left) and up the mountain (right).
mthood_walk_Bess_David mthood_walk_bird
Bess and David spot a bird.
mthood_skilift_line mthood_skilift1
The next morning, we got in line with a whole bunch of snowboarders (didn't see a single person in line with skis), and rode the ski lift up to 7000 feet.
mthood_skilift2 mthood_skilift_summit
We arrive at the top of the ski lift, but we're still far from the summit (and wouldn't get any closer).
mthood_skilift4 mthood_skilift3
But we had a very nice walk back down.
mthood_skilift8 mthood_skilift5
mthood_skilift6 mthood_skilift7


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