for Matt & Ann's wedding

Bess arrives in the hotel, very late at night Sylvie in bed
We arrived in Portland rather late at night.
Pearl walk Pearl Chinese
We walked around the Pearl district: there are roses all over in Oregon. And met Rob, Naomi, and Paul for lunch.
Pearl van fish Rachel
Getting in our rented minivan to go to the Japanese Garden in the hills above the center of the city.
japanesegarden_MtHood japanesegarden_entrance
Mt. Hood was visible in the distance from the entrance of the Japanese Garden. Just inside the entrance was this array of low trees and water. Note the bamboo training the branches to look more natural.
japanesegarden_guide japanesegarden_Naomi_Rob
We had a very enthusiastic tour guide; Rob and Naomi are rapt.
japanesegarden_Anna_Bess_bored japanesegarden_Doi_Anna_Bess
Anna and Bess - less so.
japanesegarden_iris2 japanesegarden_iris1 japanesegarden_Naomi_Rachel
There was a nice marshy area full of irises. And a boardwalk.
japanesegarden_moss_fern japanesegarden_pond
And moss with little ferns growing out of it.
japanesegarden_fish2 japanesegarden_fish3
Feeding time for the Koi.
japanesegarden_rock japanesegarden_sun_trees
...more views of the Japanese Garden...
prenup_dinner_Doi_Bess prenup_dinner_view
The dinner the night before the wedding was on the 30th floor of...some tall building in downtown Portland. On the left, Doi and Bess confer. On the right, the view out the window.

Hmmmm... looks like I don't have any wedding photos.


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