Presentations: 2007 and earlier

At the June 2007 meeting on Clumping in Hot-Star Winds in Potsdam, Germany, I gave a talk on the Quantitative Constraints Placed on Mass-Loss Rates, Porosity, and Wind Opacity by X-ray Emission Line Profiles.

I gave a colloquium at the American Museum of Natural History in May, 2007; and at the Center for Astrophysics' Solar, Stellar, and Planetary Sciences seminar in June: Quantitative Analysis of the Resolved X-ray Emission Line Profiles of O Stars.

At the American Astronomical Society meeting in Seattle, in January 2007, I gave a short talk on the effects of clumping and mass-loss-rate reduction on x-ray line profile asymmetries. Also, Steve St. Vincent and Asif ud-Doula had a poster on the synthesis of diagnostics from MHD simulations of stellar winds and Mike Kuhn had a poster on the bright B star, beta Crucis. We also had a press release on this last project.

My student, Steve St. Vincent, and I gave a short overview of Steve's summer research project at the Delaware Space Grant Consortium fall meeting at the University of Delaware [you can download the talk and linked movies from this site].

We gave two posters at the American Physical Society's Division of Plasma Physics meeting in Philadelphia, in October, 2006: One was an overview of measurements of flow in the SSX, with Michael Brown as first author [PowerPoint, pdf, jpeg] and the other was on electron temperature measurements in SSX, by my student Vernon Chaplin [PowerPoint, pdf, or jpeg].

In April, 2006, I gave a presentation to admitted students at Swarthmore: "Stellar Evolution: from star birth to star death and back again" which described both student research and material from our introductory astronomy classes.

Earlier in April, 2006, I gave a presentation to parents, students, and alumni during parents' weekend at Swarthmore, on student research at the College [PowerPoint or pdf].

During the Spring of 2006, I gave an updated version of my talk on X-ray Emission from Massive Stars at Williams College, Wesleyan University, and Villanova University.

At the American Astronomical Society meeting in Washington, DC, in January 2006, St. John's College senior, Kevin Grizzard, who worked with me during the previous summer, gave a presentation on Wind Signatures in the X-ray Emission Line Profiles of the O Supergiant ζ Orionis. This work was later published in MNRAS.

In October, 2005 I gave an updated version of my X-ray Emission from Massive Stars talk at Willamette University in Salem, Oregon [ppt, pdf, html].

During the spring of 2005, I gave an updated version of my talk, X-ray Emission from Massive Stars at Vassar College, Gettysburg College, and Widener University [ppt, pdf, html].

In March 2006, I gave a presentation on the moon and moon phases for Mr. Cronin's 3rd grade class at SRS [pdf or html].

A brief presentation on summer student research opportunities in my group, given at the departmental "dog and pony show" on February 3, 2005.

Two students in my research group - Victoria Swisher and Nate Shupe - gave posters at the AAS meeting in San Diego, in January 2005. Swisher, Jensen, Cohen, & Gagne, High-Resolution X-ray Spectroscopy of the Accreting Weak-Line T Tauri Star DoAr 21 and Shupe, Cohen, & MacFarlane, Numerical Modeling Studies of X-ray Photoionization Experiments Driven by Z-Pinch X-rays.

On December 3, 2004 I gave a short presentation to some members of the Swarthmore board of managers on some of the astronomy research I've done with students.

On October 6, 2004 I gave a short lunchtime talk to Swarthmore faculty on my inertial fusion experiments [ppt, pdf].

On September 18, 2004 I gave a talk on our Z-Machine neon gas cell experiments [ppt, pdf], at Joe Cassinelli's 65th birthday meeting in Madison.

In July 2004, I co-lead a "focus session" with Margaret Hanson on diagnostics of hot star disks at The Nature and Evolution of Disks Around Hot Stars meeting at Eastern Tennessee State University in Johnson City, TN (2004). The proceedings paper, including contributions from Rich Townsend on Be star rotational velocities, Karen Bjorkman on Polarization diagnostics of hot star envelopes, and Marc Gagne on X-ray diagnostics of θ1 Ori C, is available in pdf format: "Diagnostics of Disks Around Hot Stars," Cohen, Hanson, Townsend, Bjorkman, & Gagne.

On March 24, 2004 I gave my talk, X-ray Emission from Massive Stars at Reed College [ppt, pdf, html].

I gave a brief overview of my research [ppt, pdf, html] at the fourth annual Philadelphia Area Astronomers' Meeting at Rowan University on November 22, 2003.

I gave a talk at Lewis and Clark College on Monday, November 17, 2003, for a mostly undergraduate audience. It was titled X-ray Spectroscopy from Massive Stars. You can view the announcement and the talk [ppt, pdf, html].

I gave an invited talk at the APS Division of Plasma Physics meeting in October 2003. It was on inertial fusion experiments at the OMEGA laser, and the associated modeling: Tracer Spectroscopy Diagnostics of Doped Ablators in Inertial Confinement Fusion Experiments on OMEGA [ppt, pdf].

In October 2003 I presented my results on X-ray line profile modeling of hot stars at Columbia University [ppt, html, pdf] and at Goddard Space Flight Center [ppt, html, pdf].

I gave two talks at the Vanderbilt University Department of Physics and Astronomy in September 2003. One was X-ray Emission from Massive Stars [ppt, pdf, html] and the other was High Energy Density Plasma Physics Experiments at the National Labs: X-ray Spectroscopy, Inertial Confinement Fusion, and Laboratory Astrophysics [ppt, pdf, html].

I've put together some basic links related to the second talk, on the topics of inertial fusion and laboratory astrophysics.

I gave an invited review on X-rays from hot stars at the Constellation-X spectroscopy workshop at Columbia University in May 2003.

I gave an invited review of X-ray line profile diagnostics from hot stars at the workshop on wind structure at UCL in April 2003.

At the 201st AAS meeting in Seattle in January 2003, our group gave four poster presentations:


Dave Conners: Creating an X-ray Nebula in the Laboratory: Spectral Diagnostics of Neon Photoionization Experiments on the Z-machine [powerpoint, jpeg, or html]

Stephanie Tonnesen: X-ray Line Profiles of Magnetically Confined Hot-Star Winds [powerpoint, jpeg, or html]

Allison Adelman: A Large ROSAT Survey of Time-Variability in O Stars [powerpoint, jpeg, or html]

Roban Kramer: X-ray Emission Line Profile Modeling of O stars: ζ Puppis as a Wind-Shock Source [pdf]


Also in January 2003, at Livermore National Lab, I gave a presentation on the OMEGA ICF experiments that Joe MacFarlane and I carried out several years ago. [powerpoint or html]

Dave Conners and Kate Penrose presented their work on our OMEGA inertial confinement fusion experiments at the national Sigma Xi meeting in Galveston, Texas in November 2002.

I gave a talk on X-ray line profiles at the X-ray spectroscopy workshop at the Mullard Space Science Lab in Surrey, UK, October 2002. There's also a manuscript version of this talk available.

We gave two presentations at the 14th annual High Temperature Plasma Diagnostics meeting in Madison, Wisconsin on July 10, 2002.


Roban Kramer and Stephanie Tonnesen's presentation was about X-ray line profile modeling in hot star winds.

I presented a poster on neon photoionization experiments on the Z-machine. There's also a paper version available.


Four students authored two presentations which were given at the 199th Meeting of the American Astronomical Society in Washington, DC, on January 9, 2002.


Roban Kramer and Elliot Reed's presentation was about X-ray line profile modeling in hot star winds.

Genevieve de Messieres and Carolin Cardamone's presentation was about X-ray line diagnostics of the hot star τ Scorpii.


I gave a talk on X-ray line profiles at the "Two Years of Science with Chandra" meeting in September 2001.

Our inertial fusion group (Dave and Kate) co-authored a presentation given by Joe MacFarlane in Kyoto, Japan in September 2001. Here is the presentation, which focuses on modeling of our hohlraum experiments on the OMEGA laser.

Among several posters I presented at the High Energy Astrophysics Division meeting of the AAS, Honolulu (2000) was "Simulation of Chandra X-ray Spectral Observations of ζ Pup," MacFarlane, Wang, Cassinelli, Miller, & Cohen. [ppt, pdf, html]


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