Key to reading the table of fit parameters

Using the baseline analysis (no porosity) case as an example

At the top of the main page, to the right of the thumb-nail image of the data and best fit, we have:

    powerlaw continuum, n=2; norm=1.91e-3
    taustar=1.97   +/- (1.63:2.35)
    uo=0.655   +/- (0.605:0.725)
    norm=5.24e-4 +/- (5.04e-4:5.51e-4)
    rejection probability = 19% (C=95.11; N=102)


General comments: parameters with "+/-" uncertainties listed are parameters that were allowed to be free in the fit. They are derived parameter values. Parameters (like, in this case, q), which can in principle be free, but which don't in this case have unceratinties listed, were held fixed at the listed value during the fit. Sometimes, when we are comparing two related fits, we'll highlight (boldface) some of the parameters. These are usually the important free parameters and/or the one or more relevant parameters (possibly free, possibly fixed) that are different between the two fits being compared. The highlighting doesn't indicate any special treatment of the parameters in question, it is just for emphasis.

Notes on each of the lines in the above table:


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last modified: 29 April 2008